There are cases wherein drivers who get their license suspended discard their car as they lose the ability to drive their vehicle. But if you have non owner SR22 insurance you’ll be able to drive another car of a friend or someone you know. With this insurance you receive cover from liability claims, and it’s going to keep your car’s insurance currency updated.


Non owner SR22 insurance is a special type of insurance that’s actually mandatory in some states, and it applies to drivers convicted of DWI or DUI and want to drive someone else’s car. When you’re convicted of a DUI, your legal right to drive your own car is suspended, but you can use this insurance to get back on the road, albeit not in your own vehicle.

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There are many companies that offer this online, and you can get free quotes here from our recommended partners. However, you need to understand its limitations and how it works.

What Does the Insurance Policy Cover?

How to Get Affordable Non Owner SR22 InsuranceA non-owner SR22 insurance only covers you for liability. For instance if you get involved in an accident, the insurance is going to pay for the expenses for the party that was hurt in the accident, including personal injury and damage.

However, the insurance won’t cover you. With this you’ll get coverage for the limit amounts bought, so the higher the limit, the more assurance you will receive in case of accidents.

In other words the risk to the car is still yours so you need to clear this up with the owner of the car you are going to drive. If the accident is caused by the other party it’s their insurance that will cover the expenses, but it also depends on the state whether the insurance covers a car that’s not often used by a DUI convicted driver.

Eligibility and Payments:

Most of the drivers can find a cheap SR22 non owner insurance online, but if the court orders that an IID (interlock device) be used, you may no longer be eligible. There may be other cases wherein a driver won’t be eligible but if that’s the case it will be explained by the court.

It’s important you make payments on time, otherwise you will have to pay some penalties like the following:

In addition, your non owner car insurance SR22 application has to start all over again.

How Much is Non-Owner SR22 Insurance?

The cost of non-owner SR22 insurance will depend on several factors, but in most cases; it is significantly cheaper than standard car insurance. This is because there is no particular vehicle to cover, but rather the driver who borrows other vehicles with permission from their owners.

Since the insurance will only cover the coverage if an accident occurs in such cases, the premiums are far less.

Be aware of this:

One factor that can drive premiums upward is your driving record. If you have DUI or DWI on your driving record, it can push the cost of SR22 insurance significantly upward. The same goes for drivers with multiple traffic violations over a short period or driving without insurance on their vehicle. In such cases, you may wind up paying a considerable amount for your car insurance.

How to Get Affordable Non Owner SR22 Insurance?

File SR-22 and SR-50 Form

Most insurance companies offer it, so you should take a look around and compare the offers. If you are looking for different non-owner SR22 insurance costs, you can click here for more information.

Many of these companies also provide a free form online that will help you find the most affordable policies available.

It was expensive in the past, but the scenario is different today..

In the past this type of insurance was very expensive owing to the inherent risks involved. It’s still more costly when compared with regular insurance, but the cost has gone down considerably compared to past years due to competition from various companies.

Cheap Auto Quotes

When you search for cheap non owner SR22 insurance online, you may be asked to do the following:

  • Fill up a quote form. Supply the required data.
  • When asked for a car make / model / year, just provide the last car you drove.
  • If you’re asked to get in touch with an agent, just say the insurance is for non-owners sr22 insurance and they will understand.

Once you have gotten the SR22 non owner insurance quotes and start talking to insurers, don’t be surprised if some companies say no and say they don’t have any such policy available. If that’s the case you should look at insurance companies that specialize in high risk drivers and policies.

You might also find it worthwhile to look for an insurance agent who takes care of the filings regularly, as they can provide additional options.

Differences in State Laws and Regulations:

Every state requires an SR22 except for the following:

  • Delaware
  • Kentucky
  • Minnesota
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania

The minimum filing period for all the states that require SR22 is 3 years except for the following (in years):

  • Alaska: 3-5
  • Idaho: 1
  • Mississippi: 3-5
  • Missouri: 2-3
  • North Dakota: 1
  • Texas: 2

Virginia and Florida also require you to have a Certificate of Financial Responsibility (FR-44), especially for drivers with serious traffic violations. In some states you will be required to file an FR-44 instead of the SR22. In Florida and Virginia you need to carry this for 3 to 4 years with double the regular insurance coverage needed.

Out of State SR22:

If you move from one state to another in the midst of the filing period, the general rule is you have to follow the rules of the state where you filed the SR22. When you move to a new state, the DMV will check your record and what violations you have incurred. Some states don’t require new residents to file anew, but you have to sign an affidavit that your previous SR22 file will continue.

Note that…

The other states have more requirements like paying extra fees or filing other documents. If you go to a state that doesn’t require SR22, you still have to keep your old file with the state that needed it. Because there are a lot of potential complications in the matter, get in touch with the DMV and other appropriate agencies and work things out as soon as possible.

What is the Purchasing Cost?

How Much Does SR22 Insurance Cost for Non Owners?Buying an auto insurance with SR22 filing is not hard: once you have the quotes and picked a company, inform the insurance agent what you want or if you’re online, make the selection yourself. Once the paperwork has been submitted the insurance company will handle the rest.

It goes without saying that….

The price varies per company and depends on the kind of cover you go for, but usually dealing with an agent directly gives you a better price. Before proceeding, check the state requirements so you are better prepared.

You might also want to take a look at our free quotes here.

Do You Pay More with DUI Conviction?

As for the cost, it’s higher than normal, not because of the state filing fee, but due to your violation and conviction. The rates vary, but an accident with your existing insurance, several traffic violations and DUI all contribute to higher costs. Combine this with the state filing fee and it’s going to go up.

How much is the fee?

At the very least expect to pay $25 apart from the usual insurance coverage you pay. Usually the fee is paid when your policy is being set up, but if you switch insurance companies or there’s a coverage lapse, there will be another fee for processing.

SR22 insurance non owner, as has been pointed out earlier, is a requirement in many states, and even if it isn’t in yours, it makes sense to get one in the event you suddenly have to drive a car. If you’re a safe driver and always follow traffic laws, you don’t need this insurance, but if you have had multiple violations, they can accumulate and require you to get SR22.

The following situations can necessitate this type of insurance:

  • Getting arrested for driving under the influence
  • Incurring several traffic violations in just a few years
  • Being involved in a car accident without any auto insurance

How to Reduce the Cost?

If you’re a high risk driver, you can reduce the cost by insuring a used car that doesn’t require extensive damage coverage. By keeping the car insurance cover as low as you can set it, you’ll be able to save dollars until you’re no longer classified as high risk. In fact it’s not unheard of for drivers with several traffic violations or DUI to sell their car and settle for an older vehicle, as it lowers their insurance cost.

When the violations have been dropped off your record and your standing improves, you can upgrade again.

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How to Remove SR22 Status?

Yes, got the key back.There are two instances when you will want this removed: if you have completed the mandated probation period or switch insurance companies. If you’re switching insurance companies, get insurance quotes to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

Canceling a policy and probation period:

Before canceling the old policy, make sure the new one is already enforced and filed in your state. This might take a few days to confirm. Once you’ve received confirmation you may cancel the old one, and for the best results, cancel the old policy 3 days after the new one takes effect so it’s updated.

If you have completed the 3 year probation period, the state should send you a notice, but more often than not they don’t, so the only way to find out is to get the court documents. These will be made available to you after the hearing and will come with complete directions on how to proceed.