A suspended driver’s license can be a big inconvenience. Aside from not being able to drive legally, you will have to go through a tedious process just to get it back. Getting car insurance for suspended license is even trickier. This ultimate guide should be able to answer all your questions. It won’t be a poor idea to take a cup of coffee before start reading as this is a lengthy article but worth reading every part of it.

First, you need to figure out what caused this whole scenario, right?

Reasons for License Suspension

There are many different reasons, but the following are the most common:

  • Accumulation of points: This is not wise to take traffic violations casually because you wouldn’t want to reach the limit of your state’s point system.
  • Serious offenses: Some examples include police evasion, homicide, manslaughter, a felony, or driving under the influence (DUI), among others.
  • Repeat violations: If records show that you have habitual offenses, like multiple reckless driving incidents within a particular time frame, then the authorities are bound to teach you a lesson.
  • Driving without insurance: Keep your insurance card in your vehicle in case the traffic officer asks it. In some states, they may just give you a ticket and instructions to provide proof in a police station or the city hall.

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One important thing to note that…

Car Insurance with Suspended License

If your violations reach a certain level, then your license can be revoked. A suspension is temporary, but having a revoked license means never having to drive legally in that state anymore, unless you apply for a new license, since the old one cannot be reinstated.

You will know if your license has been suspended once you receive a mail notification from the court. The letter will include the telephone number and address. Give them a call to schedule an appointment because you will have to speak to the judge for reinstatement after the suspension period has passed.

How much is the reinstatement fee?

You will also have to pay a reinstatement fee, which can be around $250, depending on the state. But if your income is low or you are unemployed, chances are, the judge will lower the fee.

If you are unable to pay fees or fail to appear in the court, you will be issued with a D6 suspension.

If you want to review your driving records, you can go to your local DMV office or visit their website to request the information. Included in the data are your personal information, physical description, driver’s license status, traffic accidents, and points against your license, among others.

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How Possible Is To Obtain Car Insurance?

Your policy may not be canceled automatically, but you will lose it in due course. One of the anxious questions that people have, “Can you get car insurance with a suspended license?” The simple answer is: Yes. But why is it necessary to get insurance?

The obvious reason..

Aside from New Hampshire, it is a legal requirement in all states. Accidents can happen no matter how safe you try to drive, and it is your responsibility to have protection in case it happens. It is an assurance that you will be able to cover the costs of damage to property and people in case an accident happens.

Is this expensive?

Car insurance with suspended license is more expensive than the standard coverage. You will have to pay twice or thrice the amount of your original payment.

For example, if you are charged with DUI, you can be subjected to an additional $1,500 a year for your coverage. This is because the provider will see you as someone who is too risky to insure.

Keep in mind that..

In many cases, to get your license reinstated, you will have to provide a proof of auto insurance, so it is something that you have to acquire. Car insurance with revoked license may also not be stopped midterm. However, you will need to get a new license to apply for insurance.

Steps Involved in Getting Insurance Coverage

Obtaining an auto insurance with a suspended driving license will not be easy, and it’s going to be costly. You may have to spend days to make sure things are in order.

Here are the tips to get auto insurance after license suspension:

  1. Look for a Knowledgeable and Experienced Insurance Agent: You can shop on your own, but this can be time-consuming. You will also have to check a lot of resources that you may not understand. If money will not be an issue, then it would be nice if you can get assistance from a professional. This is why we are here. We offer free quotes to people with suspended license.
  2. Shop Extensively: This is important whether you’re looking for a standard cover or a high-risk one. Compare the rates as well as the range of coverage. Don’t be surprised if the coverage is less extensive.
  3. See if you can get a discount: Check with the providers if this is possible. There may be conditions to get a good deal, such as the need to take a defensive driving course, among others.
  4. Drive an Inexpensive Car: If you need to drive a new car, instead of getting an SUV or an expensive sedan, buy a small one or a second-hand car. It should have all the necessary safety features such as parking lights, air bags, security alarm, and others.
  5. Contact your Current Insurer: If you have a good record of them, maybe they can create another contract for you, which will not be as expensive as those from its competitors. They may even work out a good deal with you even if you haven’t asked yet.

Where to Get Auto Insurance?

Aside from talking to your local agent, you can go online to see what providers can offer. Click here to get free quotes from the likes of Geico, Esurance, and Progressive. Then click on any of the following deals and you will need to fill out an online form where you will provide details like your full name, mailing address, date of birth, and the vehicle you drive, among others.

Once you have provided the information, you will get the initial quote.

Filing SR22 form..

Make sure that the company you get will file an SR-22 for you. It is also called a ‘Certificate of Financial Responsibility.’ Its purpose is to provide evidence that you are meeting the minimum car insurance requirements of your state. This will be required from you if your license gets suspended/revoked, you met a serious vehicular accident, you had more violation points, drove without auto insurance, and convicted of DUI.

The cost can be between $15 to $50, and you need to file it for three years. During those years, ensure that you don’t commit more violations because the filing period of your SR-22 may be extended. The states that do not require this document are Delaware, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania. If you are in Florida or Virginia, you need to file FR-44 which is quite similar to SR-22.

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Can You Get Discounts when Your License is Suspended

Getting car insurance with suspended license is going to be expensive but it is necessary, and the law requires it. The only thing you can do is to try and seek if the provider offers any discounts.

These are the usual circumstances that may qualify you for a better deal:

  • Multi car insurance
  • Cheap car insurance without deposit to avoid lump sum payment burden
  • You have stayed accident-free during a particular period
  • You are in school, and you are getting good grades
  • Active membership in an association recognized by the insurance provider
  • You are a member of the military
  • There are anti-theft devices in your automobile
  • The vehicle is fitted out with anti-lock breaks
  •  Another auto insurance vendor previously covered your car
  • You are a homeowner
  • You took a refresher course on driving rules and road guidelines
  • The car is fitted with safety features, like air bags
  • You use the car for farming
  • If you pay your auto insurance bills using electronic or paperless transaction
  • If you are an experienced driver

Take note however that one company can have different policies depending on the state where its branch is serving.

Other Things You Need To Be Informed About

Hardship or Restricted License: This is also called a Limited Driving Privilege. This is when a driver’s license is suspended or revoked, but he or she will need to drive a motor vehicle to get to and from work or other attend other important matters. The rules and prerequisites for hardship license depend on the state.

Provisional Drivers’ License: This is also called the learner’s permit. This is given to an individual who is still in the process of learning to drive, and he or she has not yet satisfied the requirements to apply for a regular driver’s license. In the United States, holders of these permits are usually aged 14 to 21 and are typically prohibited from driving from midnight to dawn. Learn how to get

Penalties for Driving without Insurance: Driving uninsured is a serious traffic violation. Your license or vehicle registration can be put on hold. Aside from the ticket for the first violation, you will also be given a ticket for not having the necessary plan cover. Furthermore, you will be required to meet the SR-22 requirements, and expect that your insurance premiums will increase after the company reviews your file.

Application for License Reinstatement: Included in the notification you will receive is the length of the suspension. Once the period has ended, you can take the following steps:

  • Pay a reinstatement fee
  • Proof of car insurance and SR-22
  • If applicable, evidence of fitting out your vehicle with an ignition interlock device
  • If applicable, passing the driver’s license test of your state
  • Completing a course of alcohol/substance abuse or traffic school
  • Proof that the criminal charges have been resolved

If you still have any question regarding this matter, here is our FAQ section for you:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs on License Suspension

How will a license suspension affect my car insurance rate?

  • Expect your premium rate to go up and your coverage to decrease. The insurance provider will look at different aspects, such as being convicted of a DUI, speeding charges, car accidents, and the likes.

Will I need car insurance after driving license suspension?

  • Yes, car insurance with a suspended license is still necessary, especially if you will qualify for the hardship license. Furthermore, you will need this when the suspension period is up. Among the things that will be required by the authorities for when you apply for reinstatement is car insurance.

How long will a suspended license affect my car insurance rates?

  • This will depend on your provider. They may look at factors, such as the length of the suspension. Give them a call so they can provide you with a more concrete time frame. They may even offer suggestions on how to lessen the term.

Will I still be eligible for car insurance discounts?

  • Standard insurance qualifies for discounts. A lot of these may be relinquished once your license is suspended, as those may not apply to high-risk drivers. Even if you have a high-risk plan, still check with the company to ensure that your discounts stay active. They can also give more consideration if your previous records were clean.

If I lose my driving license, do I lose my car insurance, too?

  • This depends on how your state regulates insurance companies. A lot of states will not allow a policy to be automatically canceled since other drivers may use the same car. If the authorities allow, the provider can cancel the insurance midterm if the license gets revoked or suspended. Check the fine print of your contract because there may be a clause stating that you will need to report a situation like this within a particular period. Otherwise, your coverage may not take effect.

What happens to my insurance if my license gets a suspension?

  • If your insurance cannot automatically be canceled, then you are covered for the remaining period of the contract. You will lose it eventually, and you will have to apply for a new one. If you’re a new client, and your license gets suspended during the time they are doing a background check, they can cancel your contract.

The Bottom Line:

The best way to compare car insurance rate with the suspended license is to get free quotes or call to a licensed agent for assistance. You can request free quotes and see what some of the most reliable insurance companies has to offer for you. Also, you can call us and speak to our representative directly.