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Will Defensive Driving Course Help to Lower Insurance Rate?

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For those who are looking to save money on their auto insurance, one potential method is the safe driver discount. While many associate this discount with those who need to take points off their driving record, it is also available to younger drivers who pay high insurance rates because of their lack of experience and also the bad driving habits. Or, older drivers who take training for defensive driving.

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What is an Insurance Reduction Course?

Defensive Driving Young DriversThe driver safety course to lower insurance must be a program that is approved by the insurance company. As a reminder, not all auto insurance companies offer such programs. They can even vary within a company depending on the state.

For younger drivers, a driver training course is recommended to help make up for lack of experience. While older drivers may take a defensive driving course to improve their skills. Those over the age of 65 may take a senior driving course for insurance discount as well.

In all cases, the courses may be online or require attending a class for a few hours. You will need to check with your insurance company or agent to see what courses are recognized.

Here check out the course details of National Safety Council.

How Much Can You Save?

Again, it depends on the company and the type of course you take. The insurance companies that offer such programs tend to reward drivers with a 5% – 15% discount on their premiums. However, there are variables such at the exact type of course taken, the state in which you take the course, and the individual insurance company itself.


To qualify for the discounts, you must pass the course that is provided. For seniors, you must be over the age of 50, however, that many vary depending on the individual insurance company. Younger drivers taking an advanced driving course to reduce insurance must be under the age of 21. For the regular defensive driving course, you must be between 21 to 50 years old.


Generally speaking, you can only take one course every several years. Plus, the discount may only apply to one vehicle which may be problematic. In addition, you might find that the discount you earned only applies to certain insurance policies.

Why Take a Defensive Driving Course to Lower Insurance?

There are many reasons why you should take a recognized driving course to lower your insurance rates.

Simple: Most courses are online only which means you can complete them on your time. Or, it requires a few hours of attending a class. Either way, almost everyone who applies for the course will pass. This means for a few hours of your time; you can earn a substantial discount.

Cost Effective: The cost of taking the course itself will be more than paid for in the amount you save on your insurance. Plus, taking the course will stay on your record for a long time. This means that you might save hundreds, if not thousands over your lifetime.

Transferable: In some cases, though to be fair not all, it is possible to transfer your experience with a driving course to a new insurance company. Naturally, it will depend on a number of circumstances, but it is something you can ask about before switching insurance companies.

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