When buying traditional auto or home insurance, consumers are offered several payment options. In many cases, your insurance provider will request that you pay the entire annual premium or provide a large deposit.

You’re in control when paying monthly!

However, you do not have to pay a lump sum for a whole year of coverage. Many car insurance insurance companies offer a No Deposit option that allows you to pay equal payments on a Quarterly or Monthly basis.

Through a “No Deposit” option, you only have to pay the first monthly premium for your coverage to immediately come into effect.

How does no deposit auto insurance help you financially?

This is a question that many people ask when they first hear about this form of coverage.

No deposit auto insurance plan gives you the financial liquidity many of us need because you don’t have to pay a huge lump sum upfront, which leaves you with money to spare for other essential things throughout the year. With no deposit insurance, you will be making more manageable monthly payments.

What Is A No Deposit Auto Insurance?

This is the coverage where you merely pay the first month’s premium to obtain insurance. With these policies, drivers can pay their premiums through monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payment plans.

For example, if your regular annual premium is $1000, you would expect to pay approximately $83 every month. However, you will usually pay a slightly higher amount with no deposit insurance. The reason for this is due to the insurance company requires a periodic billing fee. This fee is in place to encourage you to pay everything up-front.

Though No Deposit, Periodic Payments will cost you slightly more per year, it also means that you don’t have to find a massive amount of cash to cover your insurance since your payments are spread out.

Car insurance companies will help you avoid the pain of having to pay a lump sum for your insurance by giving you the option of a monthly payment plan. It is worth remembering that while you are not required to pay a deposit upfront, you will be required to spend at least the first month’s payment.

Remember that.

Car insurance without deposit used to be something of a pipe dream. However, you can now find a growing number of insurance providers that offer variations of this policy. You can even see some insurance carriers providing low monthly payments, some as low as $20, which are designed to help people obtain their insurance at a much cheaper rate.

In fact, there are many new Insurtechs, like Metromile, that offers a program that allows you to pay your coverage on a per-mile basis. If you don’t drive many miles, you can save a considerable amount of money. However, if you drive over 1,500 miles per month, your costs can be significantly above traditional options.

Would you prefer to make monthly payments, so that the car insurance premium does not put a heavy toll on your personal or household budget plan? Then no upfront payment insurance is the right choice for you.

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Get A Low Deposit Car Insurance for Young Drivers:

Young Drivers Should Take Advanatge of No Deposit PolicyTeens and young drivers require insurance but are usually charged high premiums by insurance providers. Fortunately, they can save a considerable amount of money if they switch to a very cheap car insurance plan with no deposit.

By taking advantage of the no deposit – buy now pay later option for young drivers, they don’t have to make a large lump sum insurance payment that’s typically required of this demographic. This means that teens and young adults can find more affordable policies that better fit their budgets.

It can also pay off for young drivers in the future by getting them even lower rates if they maintain an excellent driving record as they age. The same applies to new drivers too.

Which Car Insurance Companies Don’t Require A Deposit?

In the United States, only a handful of car insurance companies offer either low deposit or no deposit insurance coverage. Two of the more prominent ones are Progressive and Geico, which are some of the largest insurance companies in the US. You can also find smaller and regional companies, like Mercury or 21st Century, that may offer such a payment plan.

Click here to find out the list of companies currently offering this type of privilege.

Who Are the Best Providers?

Scam Alert from Fraud Providers
Keep a distance from offers that seem too good to be true!

It is always crucial that you choose a reputable insurance provider when looking to save on this plan. While the chances of getting ripped off by an unscrupulous insurance provider are small, you will still encounter individuals that have created fake insurance companies or companies with such rigorous standards to filing claims that it becomes impossible to use their services when you need to.

Also, be careful of any agency that charges application or policy fees. These fees rarely go to the insurance company and are mostly used to increase the money that goes into a shady insurance agent’s pocket.

So, besides Geico and Progressive, which are very well established, you will want to thoroughly check out the insurance company to make sure that they have the longevity and reputation of being around when you need them.

There are many Consumer Reporting or Consumer Advocacy groups that publish periodic Insurance Company Service Ratings and Claims paying ratings. They usually have an up to date top 10 list that can be very helpful when selecting the right company for your needs.


It is vital to ensure that you only get your car insurance without upfront payment from a reputable and well-established company. You’ll be glad you did if you should ever need to file a claim.

Benefits of “Car Insurance With First Month Free” Plan:

If you qualify for no deposit car insurance, you will enjoy numerous benefits. However, you first have to qualify, which usually means either being with the insurance company long enough to build up a good track record of making timely payments or having an excellent credit rating.

It is very common that, after your first year being with a reputable company, that they will offer you a no-deposit periodic payment plan.

All insurance companies have their standards, but for the most part, you will only need your most current credit report and payment information.

The benefits of monthly car insurance include but are not limited to the following:

  • Less to Pay Upfront
  • Cheap Insurance
  • Better Budgeting Opportunities

So, basically..

You will be paying less upfront for the same type of quality insurance that you have before. This means that you keep more money in your pocket while getting the same insurance coverage as before.


Purchasing no deposit auto insurance has very few associated drawbacks. However, it is essential to remember that most insurance companies that offer this type of coverage may charge you higher premiums. This means that you will need to get a few alternative quotes from different insurance companies and compare their no deposit insurance rates to the regular insurance rates.

You may find, in some cases, that the overall rate is the same, which means that you do not save any money.

One more thing.

It may also be difficult for you to qualify for this type of insurance, depending on your credit rating and history with the insurance provider.

Is it Worth Getting?

The answer is “Yes” since no deposit insurance offers considerable benefits. This is particularly the case when it comes to your monthly budget because you can plan better for your payments with a no deposit insurance policy.

Instead of having to pay one large annual payment, you pay a certain fixed amount each month, which makes this the right policy for a lot of people.

No deposit insurance is a particularly good option if you would like to take advantage of lower rates as your driving record improves and your age demographic changes.

How to Get Very Low Deposit Car Insurance?

No Deposit Car Insurance Instant Quote

The most efficient way to find great deals on your no deposit car insurance is to get free quotes online. Besides that, you can also ask your employer or the human resources department of your company if they can recommend the right provider or offer a Voluntary Group Sponsored Auto Program. MetLife and Liberty Mutual both offer these types of programs to larger employer groups.

In many cases, car insurance companies offer discounts to applicants who work for a particular company or have a specific professional background (like Lawyers, Engineers, Veterinarians, and Doctors). The discounts provided vary, but it’s not uncommon for these companies to offer affinity or association discounts to various Veteran or Professional associations.

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