Did you know that there are many discounts available that will bring down the price of your car insurance? Too many people fail to take advantage of all the discounts available, so here we will discuss as many as of them that you can start with in your quest to lower your car insurance payments.

24 Ways You Can Save On Your Car Insurance Premium:

If you are looking for auto insurance, you’re probably seeing that there are all kinds of discounts available. Some discounts are specific to certain insurance companies, and some are fairly standard across the insurance industry. Before you look for new auto insurance, or before you simply choose an auto insurance company for the first time, you should research and ask an agent about the following discounts.

Get Discounts and Save on Car Insurance

Multiple Policies or Bundle Offer: The first thing you’ll want to remember is your home/auto discount. If you either own a home or rent one, a home/auto or renter/auto discount can lessen your premium by 15% or more. It’s always best to bundle your home and auto if at all possible. Keep in mind, if you drop one or the other, you’ll lose your bundle discount.

Parent Discount: If you are a single woman twenty-five years of age or younger and you have a child, you are entitled to a ‘parent’ discount with most companies. The same goes for a man twenty-nine years of age or younger. Be sure to ask about the ‘parent’ discount, which takes about $10-$15/month off your total premium.

Anti-Lock Brakes: Today, many vehicles have anti-lock brakes which have been proven to reduce the risk of being in an accident. Some car insurance companies will offer a small discount for your vehicle or truck that has this type of braking system.

Passive Restraint: An additional restraint in the vehicle that helps prevent injury, be sure to tell your insurance agent about this form of protection.

Daytime Running Lights: Statistics show that daytime running lights make the vehicle more visible and thus less likely to be involved in an accident.

Green Car Discount

Newer Vehicle: Newer cars and trucks have more safety features which tend to produce fewer injuries in accidents. So, a newer model is going to have this advantage over a similar, older version.

Green Vehicle: This is a car or truck that uses bio-fuels or a mixture of green and fossil fuels to power the vehicle. Many insurance companies offer a discount for those who use green cars.

Safe Driving/Accident-Free: Your driving record is arguably the primary statistic used in calculating your insurance premiums. If you have gone without an accident or traffic violation for more than five years, you can qualify for a substantial discount on your premiums.

Defensive Driver: If you have taken a recognized defensive driver course, you can save upwards of 5% to 15% on your premiums. Be sure to talk to your insurance agent to get the right defensive driving course that will save you money.

Military/Affinity/Occupational: All three offers discounts on your premiums with certain insurance companies. If you are a member of the military services or part of qualified occupational and affinity organizations, you may receive a substantial discount.

Full Payment: A good way to save 10% is to pay all of the insurance at once and not month by month. Most insurance companies offer this type of discount which can save you a month’s worth of payments.

Auto Pay: You can set up an automatic payment with your insurance company, sometimes called paperless billing, where they can draw the money out of your account or credit card. Many insurers will offer a discount for this service.

Homeowner: Bundling your auto with home insurance can save you upwards of 20% or perhaps more on your insurance.

Early Signing: Certain insurance companies like Allstate, for example, offer an early signing bonus that reduces by 10% the amount you have to pay.

Loyalty: If you have been with an insurance company for a pre-set period and have made all of your payments on time, you might qualify for a discount.

Distant Student: If you have listed your child on your auto insurance and they will be far away at college, you might be able to save some money. This is because they will not be driving your vehicle as regularly. So check with your insurance agent about the specific rules for the distant student.

Good Student Discount

Good Student Discount: There are a couple of different ‘Good Student’ discounts. If you are a college student with a B average or better, you will get a good student discount. If you are a parent who has a college student with a B average or better, remember to ask about the student discount for your student.

Moreover, if you have a child in high school, be sure to tell the agent if your child is on the honor roll or if your child has a B average or better, because that too qualifies for a good student discount. Now, if you are twenty-five years of age or younger and you have graduated college with a B average, this also gives you a good student discount.

Driver’s Education Discounts: These discounts are given to any person under the age of twenty-five who are single, a dependent of their parents, and have completed a Driver’s Education course successfully while learning to drive. The good news is, most states require this course to get a license. It’s a very big discount.

Mature Driver’s Discount: It is given to any person who is older than fifty years old and has taken a defensive driving or ‘mature driving’ course online or in a classroom within the past two years.

Mature Driver Gets Better Rate