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Traffic Violations that Increases Car Insurance

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Your car insurance rates are subject to your driving record. Generally speaking, the fewer number of accidents and incidents you are involved in on the road, the better your driving record will be. While accidents are bound to increase the premiums that you pay, the same is not necessarily true for getting tickets or committing traffic violations.

This is because there are certain traffic violations that carry less weight in terms of your coverage than others. It is important information to know since car insurance for high risk drivers is considerable. What follows are some of the more


Traffic Violations or Breaking Results Tickets from Policy and Increase Car Insurance PremiumDriving while under the influence or while intoxicated will definitely boost your insurance premiums. This is especially true of you have more than one DUI or DWI on your driving record. Driving while under the influence of intoxicants impairs your ability to react and makes you more dangerous on the road. If you are convicted with DUI or DWI, then you need to file SR22 form or FR44 if you are in Florida.

Excessive Speeding

A reckless disregard for the traffic laws will also boost your insurance premiums. However, for many who have not received a speeding ticket in years, getting one does not necessarily boost your premiums to any great degree. However, multiple speeding tickets are an indication of high risk drivers that insurance companies punish with higher rates. We help the high risk drivers to get more affordable car insurance premium – find more information here.

Parking Tickets

Because parking tickets fall into non-moving violations, they do not necessarily raise the premiums you pay on car insurance. This is because parking in the wrong place or exceeding your parking time is not a risk factor when driving. However, an excessive number of parking tickets may cause a hike in your coverage.

Illegal Street Racing

This is a moving violation that carries great risk of creating an accident. Insurance companies will almost automatically raise your premiums often on the first ticket. This is because illegal racing creates a considerably more dangerous situation than just going over the speed limit by a few miles per hour.

Driving without a Valid License

This will depend on the circumstances in which your license is not active. For expired licenses, insurance companies generally will not raise the premiums that you pay. However, if your license was revoked for DUI or excessive traffic violations, then you might see your rates go up considerably assuming you can ever get your license back.

Reckless Driving

As with speeding, reckless driving is a moving violation that is part of the category for high risk drivers. One ticket is generally not enough to raise your rates considerably, but two or more particularly in a short period of time will boost your premiums.

Other Traffic Violations

Generally speaking, it will depend in large part if it is a moving violation or not. Non-moving violations are not considered big risk factors by insurance companies, so the chances of one raising your rates especially if they are rare is fairly small. However, if it is a moving violation that means you were ticketed for creating a dangerous situation on the road which will most likely raise your rates.

So these are some of the traffic violations that can raise your car insurance rate up to a certain level depending on the severity. This is to remember that traffic rules are created for your safety and by not following them, you are bringing everyone in danger including you, other drivers and pedestrians on the road.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

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