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Car Insurance for Bad Driving Record

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Not everyone has the perfect driving record. In fact, in most states more than 80% of all licensed drivers have had some kind of blemish on their driving record, whether it be a moving violation, parking ticket (non moving violation), accident, or something more serious.

Drunk Drivers are High Risk DiversIf you are one of the many Americans who have more than just a ‘blemish’ on your record, you do have options for auto insurance. Getting the best car insurance for bad driving record is not that difficult today.

Before we get into cheap car insurance for bad driving record, let’s go over some things you should do if you get a citation that may keep your insurance from skyrocketing. If you can avoid becoming what’s classified as a ‘high risk‘ driver, it’s in your best interest to do so.

Paying for Not Showing Tickets on Record:

Depending on the state, many places will allow you to ‘double pay’ your fine (how much the police officer charged you for your ticket). There are various regulations for these procedures. Sometimes a court will allow you to simply go to the cashier and pay your ticket double so it won’t show up on your driving record.

Other places make you go to court to fight it, and if you want to plead guilty you can pay your ticket as well as a penalty to ensure it won’t show on your license – or at least have a moving violation (like a speeding ticket) switched to a non moving violation, which won’t affect your driving record.

Taking Tickets to the Court:

Always take your ticket to court and see if you can get a lesser charge by talking to the prosecutor. Don’t ever just go and pay your ticket because you think that’s your only option. Always call the court and find out what your options are. If necessary, go to the date of the hearing and see if you can plea bargain for a lesser charge. People who simply ‘pay their tickets’ are doing themselves a disservice. Also, don’t ‘not’ pay your ticket either. This could get you in trouble, including having a warrant out for your arrest.

Speeding Ticket and Suspended License Increase Car Insurance Premium

American policeman waits to catch speeding drivers with a radar gun.

If Your License is Suspended:

If your driver’s license is suspended, insurance companies won’t really care as long as you have it reinstated right away. This is looked at as an administrative issue and it won’t be considered or factored into your rate. So, don’t avoid doing whatever you need to do to get your license reinstated. It might just be a simple fine, or you might have to show you have insurance – whatever it is, don’t hesitate to make it your first priority. If you have a 30 day-or-more lapse in insurance, your rates will skyrocket in most states.

Getting a Free Quote:

If everything above fails – you should get a free reasonable auto insurance quote. You can still get insurance, and we can help you get the best insurance possible if you have a bad driving record. Moreover, we do offer free quotes for people who have bad driving records- NOT for bad people.

Accidents and tickets happen – no one is immune from making a mistake. We will treat you with the respect you deserve, and we work with reputable insurance companies that are best for you and your situation. Every customer is unique, and every solution is unique for that customer.

How to Get Car Insurance with Bad Driving Record?

Get Affordable Car Insurance for Bad Driving Record with Free QuotesOur insurance companies will work with you and help you understand the repercussions of any tickets, accidents and violations you might have. They can explain how the violations affect your insurance prices, and they can recommend certain coverage that might lower your insurance and help you get a better rate. They can also explain how long certain violations will be on your record in whichever state you may live.

For example, in most states speeding tickets and at fault accidents drop off your record three years after your conviction date.

Many people don’t know how their record affects their insurance and worry that they have no where to turn for answers. Call us now and find out your options for ‘bad driver’s insurance’ and you might be surprised at what our companies can do to help make your bill more manageable. Don’t hesitate for any reason – we’ve heard it all and we won’t be shocked by any situation.

Call and get some help with affordable car insurance for bad driving record and know that the future is bright – no driving violation will stay on your record forever, and time will make things better. Start by paying less now and give us a call for your free quote – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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