If you wish to drive anywhere in the US, you will need a valid driver’s license. You can obtain one in the DMV of your state, but first, you’ll have to prove that you are indeed a capable driver by passing the required tests. But that’s just the basic requirement. In most cases, you’re also legally required to obtain car insurance. But here’s one question that often pops up – can you get car insurance with no license? If so, how?

Why Do You Need Driver’s License to Get Insurance?

Most Cases You Need Driving License for Insurance

In most cases, you’ll need a driver’s license to purchase car insurance.

If you have ever purchased car insurance before, you know that it’s one of the standard requirements for most auto insurance carriers. The reason behind this is simple: your driving record will help them evaluate your risk level.

What about good drivers?

Good drivers are considered low-risk for car insurance companies. If you don’t have any record of DUIs and speeding tickets, then it means you’re comparatively a more responsible driver. A law-abiding driver tends to get in fewer automobile accidents than those who have a history of drinking while driving, going beyond speed limits, and committing other illegal or disallowed driving activities.

Can You Get Auto Insurance Without A  License?

The short and simple answer is YES. But the process is anything but simple. Don’t worry; we will go over the different scenarios and solutions so you can get coverage for your vehicle.

Let’s start…

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t be driving without a license at all. But if for some reason there are times when you lose your license, but you still need to buy a policy.

  1. Perhaps you’ve become too old, and you’re no longer able to drive well enough to be awarded a valid driver’s permit. That means you will need auto insurance for unlicensed drivers to comply with your car ownership registration.
  2. Maybe you have some form of disability that keeps you from driving regularly.
  3. Your driver’s license may have been suspended or revoked, in which case you have no choice but to get car insurance with no license.

You can own a car even without a license, but you usually need insurance to register your vehicle. And that means you will have to know how you can obtain car insurance without a license.

Your Options for Insuring A Car:

It can be more complicated to try to get unlicensed driver insurance, but it can be done.

  • Have a Designated Driver

Car Insurance without License is Possible

If you can’t drive but you own a car, then this means you need to have someone else drive your vehicle for you. In fact, your driver gives you a way to get an insurance cover because you’re not trying to get car insurance without a license. You’re letting someone else apply for the insurance (your designated driver), and he has a permit.

You need to find car insurance companies who will allow you to name a primary or principal driver of your vehicle, even if this driver isn’t you.

Even if your name is on the policy, some companies may allow you to designate another driver for your car.

This satisfies your carrier’s need for a driver’s license, because they’re only concerned about the driving record of the primary driver. The insurance company will base their rates and their coverage on the likely driving activity of the driver in question.

So if another driver will be taking you around, it only makes sense to have this other driver’s record to set the rates.

  • Excluded Drivers

If you have your own driver (such as your sibling, son/daughter/or family friend), some insurance carriers may also allow you to designate yourself as an excluded driver. What this means is that for your particular vehicle, you’re not covered by the collision and comprehensive coverage when you’re the driver.

For you, this makes it a sensible move. If the lack of a driver’s license is not enough to deter you from driving (as it should), then the lack of coverage should be able to do that. Simply put, when you’re the excluded driver and you still drive your car, your insurance company can refuse to pay out any damage should you become involved in an automobile accident. You’re essentially not insured and you can be held personally responsible for the damages.

Besides, excluding yourself from being covered when you drive may also lower your premiums. That’s because you’re no longer a risk, and therefore, the relevant factor here is the driving record/activity/history of your designated driver.

Can You Put Unlicensed Drivers On Your Insurance?

In general, the answer to this question is no.

However, there are a few rare exceptions to this rule and it’s important to keep them in mind before making a decision. For most cases, a citizen without his/her license cannot operate a vehicle and therefore has no need for insurance. Even if they were to put their name on the insurance, the unlicensed driver cannot get behind the wheel without breaking the law.

Plus, in most cases, a person needs to provide their license number to get a spot on someone’s insurance plan. This immediately disqualifies unlicensed drivers.

Let’s take a look at the exceptions.

1) Mexican ID Cardholder

Yes, a citizen with their Mexican ID card can use it as a replacement. This is approved by some states and can act as a way to sign up for auto insurance. Please note, this is only possible in a few parts of the nation and shouldn’t be accepted as the norm. Several states don’t accept this as valid ID and will want the driver to obtain his/her license before applying.

2) Suspended/Removed License

In some cases, a person may be able to apply for insurance with a suspended/revoked license. This is necessary before the state removes the hold and approves the license. Therefore, a person could go ahead and gain approval in advance.

Once again, this is going to depend on the insurance agency and it’s best to speak to a representative before applying.

The state’s DMV can often provide information in this regard as well.

3) Disabilities

If the person has a disability that restricts driving then it’s possible to go ahead and get auto insurance as long as you’re the vehicle’s owner. However, they will be asked to prove their disability and make sure it’s an authorized concern.

The reason this is allowed has to do with making sure they take the risk (auto insurance coverage) despite not being the driver.

Tips for Picking a Car Insurance Company:

Here are some tips to help you find the best insurance carrier if you don’t have a driving license.

  • Look around: While this may be true for many, some do allow having a primary driver other than yourself. The others may also let you designate yourself as an excluded driver. You can always call the insurance companies in your area for their guidelines regarding the matter.
  • Meet with insurance agents personally: When you’re trying to get car insurance without driver’s license, it’s always a good idea to act as responsibly and mature as possible. So dress well, look presentable and arrive on time.
  • Always be honest: Disclose exactly why you don’t have a license for the moment, or why you never bothered to get one. If your license was revoked because you don’t have insurance, it might seem like a Catch-22 situation.
  • Pass the driver’s license requirements: Perhaps you don’t have a driver’s license yet. If that’s the case (or if your license has been suspended), many no license insurance companies will provide you with a grace period after you get your coverage. This period often lasts for about 30 to 45 days, during which you have to get your permit back. If the company doesn’t usually provide insurance for people without a driver’s license, then the insurance policy may expire once the grace period is over and you still haven’t received your driver’s license yet.
  • Get a permit: You can get car insurance for unlicensed drivers from several insurance companies if you get a driver’s permit first. The policy will stand for the moment and then afterward you’ll have to present proof that you passed the test for the policy to continue. If your license was revoked because of your lack of insurance cover, then you can show this policy as proof to get your license back. But you may have to pay a fine first.
  • Check the rates: See which insurance companies offer the best quotes when you ask them for insurance for your situation. You should especially check the premium when you volunteer to have yourself designated an excluded driver. The best way to check rates is by requesting free quotes from us and compare the rate online.

Tips to Choose Suitable Insurer for No License Coverage

This is Crucial..

Be very careful when you’re dealing with insurers who don’t need any license information at all. This is a crucial factor for setting rates and coverage. If a carrier offers car insurance with no license requirements even for the primary driver, then you are unlikely getting the best coverage or rate.

As you can see, the process may be somewhat complicated if you don’t have a driver’s license. But you can still get an insurance cover.

When it comes to car insurance, no license doesn’t mean “no insurance” all the time.