Individuals living in the USA normally spend some significant amount of money on car insurance annually or monthly, but that amount should not be dependent on one’s disability. It is common to see people being charged more on their car insurance for disabled drivers but is that really in accordance with the law?

Some cases of disability cannot affect the way one will drive and why should such people be treated as disabled in the car insurance context? Disabled people should not be discriminated in any way and the law allows them to get affordable auto insurance.

Rogue insurance companies take advantage of these people and their lack of information as an excuse to discriminate them. This article aims to help these people fight discrimination and get cheap car insurance.

Legal Rights When Purchasing Auto Insurance:

Free Car Insurance for DisabledThe Americans with Disabilities Act clearly states that it is unlawful for car insurance firms to charge higher premiums based on disabilities. If the case is quite severe and the firm feels that you are in no position to drive well based on your disability, they can request a medical practitioner to assess your capabilities.

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Aside from that, provided one meets the insurance settlement thresholds by being upfront regarding any disabilities, insurance firms are required to offer you fair rates as specified by the law.

Some Basics About Car Insurance Cover for Disabled Persons:

Despite the presence of some legal ambiguities, coverage for disabled drivers is capable and normally should cover any special motor vehicle modifications without overcharging the handicapped person.

While the cost of insuring modifying devices, for instance, custom hand controls, siren detectors, and swivel seats may be quite costly to cover, net premiums should not be unreasonably high.

Below are a couple of insurance covers available for people with disabilities;

Mobility Coverage – This policy reimburses the cost of moving about when an individual’s vehicle encountered a problem and is either being repaired or replaced.

Adaptation Insurance – This policy covers the damages that can occur on all the modifications on the vehicle of a disabled individual including the after-market ones.

Equipment Coverage – This insurance covers the equipment that is not fixed to the car but travels with a disabled person such as wheelchair adapted vehicles or scooter.

Insurance companies are supposed to provide cover for all the modifications as long as they are all disclosed to them during the negotiation process. Some common modifications include;

  • Wheelchair CoverageAdjustable wheelchair car seats.
  • Amputee rings.
  • Siren detectors for those with hearing problems.
  • Hand controls.
  • Pedal extenders.
  • Wheelchair ramps.

Most people wonder why these modifications call for higher premiums and it is because insurance firms recognize that these adjustments add to the value of the car. Such a modified car is more valuable than a normal one and firms are required to pay more for them in the event of an accident.

However, all modified vehicles should be covered to ensure the handicapped individuals can get their car and modification equipment replaced in case of an accident.

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Health Conditions Covered By Motor Insurance For Disabled:

People suffer from all kinds of medical conditions and not all of them fall under the ones covered by the Americans with Disability Act. The diseases that fall under this category are the ones that affect the way one drives.

Good examples are the people who have poor eyesight but can still drive while having their glasses on. Those with minor hearing problems use hearing aids and can still drive normally. The insurers offering car insurance for disabled people normally regard individuals with the following problems as disabled.

  • Epilepsy.
  • Stroke.
  • Mental impairments.
  • Visual health problems.
  • Conditions affecting physical body parts such as the arm, limbs, and back.
  • Diabetes.
  • Heart conditions.

It should be noted that the classification of people as disabled is not exclusive and there could be some room for discussion in other cases.

For instance, while an individual with a broken limb is more likely to cause an accident, someone with mild diabetes might not be regarded as a disabled individual especially if the attacks are rare and not very severe. In such cases where there is a bone of contention, medical practitioners usually come in and clear the air by testing the individual and declaring them either fit or unfit to drive normally.

What Happens When One Gets Diagnosed with A Disability?

Insurance companies act on the policy of good faith and people who are covered are expected to inform them about any medical conditions that might affect the way they drive. Even though these firms might not entirely rely on the disabilities as one of the determining factors when setting the premiums, they might render your claim invalid in the event of an accident and they discover that your condition contributed to the occurrence of the accident.

In that accord, it is vital to update your insurance service provider about your medical condition even if it does not affect the premiums you pay.

How To Get A Good Insurance Company and Free Quote?

With the plethora of car insurance companies, it is evident that not all of them offer the best car insurance for disabled people. The law covering this area is not foolproof and some companies utilize the ambiguities regarding the disabilities persons’ law to charge disabled people exorbitant premiums.

Disabled people should, therefore, conduct thorough background research on companies offering this policy to find out what are their rates and discounts if available. Always avoid firms that are shying away from attracting new customers since their rates are less likely to be fair. You must request multiple quotes in order to find a competitive rate online.

Firms that specialize in insurance for people with disabilities or ones that give top priority to them are the best. People diagnosed with specific disabilities should consider taking driving lessons for people with that kind of disability to help lower the premiums they have to pay.

Final words…

If you have a condition and you feel uncertain about whether you are considered a disabled person, feel free to contact a medical practitioner and let them clarify the issue for you. Determining whether you are disabled is a key step in buying an affordable disability car insurance and avoiding cases of you being overcharged.