Are you currently in college and working on building a sound future for yourself? This is wonderful, but it means that you are an adult now and you have to start taking life seriously and worry about things you haven’t in the past, like car insurance. Since it is likely you are not working with a neverending cash flow, it is important that you do your homework (no pun intended) and focus on finding reliable insurance in your price range. This guide is the key to helping you do that.

It is an exciting time for students and parents when their kids go off to college. Currently, there are over 20 million college students in the country. However, one concern becomes the car insurance rates that they will pay once they leave home. For many parents, it is a concern about making sure that they have the proper car insurance for college students.

Percentage of Students Going Out of State to Attend College:

College Student Away from Home and Car Insurance Rate

Students attending college out of their home state is a trend that has been going on for many decades. The decision to go out of state has many different reasons starting with favorable tuition rates, desirable colleges and universities, location, and institutions that offer specific majors not found locally.

According to the latest statistics published, the overall percentage of students attending out of state public colleges and universities is 13.7%. It should be noted that private institutions are not subject to the same accounting records as public institutions. Of the institutions with the highest percentage of out of state students, the University of Vermont is currently the highest with 61% of its student body being from out of state.

In terms of raw numbers, the University of Alabama ranks the highest with over 3,700 students being from outside the state.

Another study from 2014 showed that students from the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Minnesota are the most likely to attend out of state colleges and universities while students in Arkansas, Utah, and West Virginia are the most likely to stay within their state. Because of the location and small size, the District of Columbia has the most coming in and going out from its location.

Isolated States:

College Student Out of State