In the state of Michigan, all individuals are required to possess insurance for all vehicles that are operated. In this article, we will explain what PLPD insurance is and what this type of coverage can cost in the state of Michigan, as well as how to spend as little as possible.

What Is PLPD Car Insurance?

PLPD Insurance Cost - Medical, Liability and Property Damage

To put it simply, PLPD is an acronym for Personal Liability and Property Damage insurance. This type of insurance is free of complication in the sense that it covers exactly what the name implies.

In Michigan, this type of coverage covers personal liability and property damage to a set level. Due to Michigan being a no-fault state, this type of coverage is especially useful if someone were to get into an accidental collision.

This American state has set a minimum for its liability coverage, which is $20,000, and an amount of $40,000 per accident. They also have a minimum property damage coverage amount of $10,000. These are the state minimums for Michigan, meaning this is the least expensive insurance option allowed while living in this state.

Recommended Coverage Amount:

When it comes to those accidents that may be more serious and carry a higher cost, you may want to have a better policy in place to ensure that you are covered. The recommended and safe amount is $250,000 for liability. The recommended amount for accident coverage is $500,000, and the ideal amount for property damage coverage is $10,000.

What Does Personal Liability and Property Damage Cover?

PLPD coverage covers liability such as property damage for out of state accidents. It also covers protection for accidents in the state. Seeing as Michigan is a no-fault state, it also covers personal protection as well. You will also have protection against damage that may occur when a vehicle is parked.

What it doesn’t cover?

In this state, both collision and comprehensive are not covered under the PLPD policy. Comprehensive covers fire, vandalism, and theft, which offers great protection and is certainly worth consideration. Of course, there are several options you may choose to add to your individual policy in the state of Michigan.


Did you know that the state of Michigan has the highest car insurance rates in the country? It is not unusual for locals to spend up to 8% of their yearly income on insuring their vehicle.

How much does PLPD car insurance cost in Michigan?

Get Affordable PLPD Car Insurance in Michigan

The average price of PLPD insurance in the state of Michigan is approximately $2,226 per year. This amount may fluctuate depending on where you live in Michigan. Some parts, such as Detroit, are a little more expensive ($5,109 in yearly premiums). The most affordable location is in Champion with $1,7893 a year. Ask an agent regarding the amount you can expect to pay personally.

Note that, the amount mentioned here will vary significantly from time to time. So, get your rate now by clicking here.

The state of Michigan is known for extreme weather throughout the year, so the price of PLPD insurance may vary during different times. One of the best ways to calculate how much you may expect to pay for your policy is to venture online when you are considering purchasing, or as mentioned previously, speak with an agent.

By doing this, you will get a better understanding of what this type of coverage will cost you during that particular time of year. Something else to keep in mind is that Michigan’s rates seem high due to the fact that it is one of the states that requires its citizens to carry no-fault insurance that covers unlimited medical expenses

Insurance providers have to cover any reasonable medical costs as well as work loss for up to three years.

Michigan’s residents are also required to carry 20/40/10 in liability coverage or more, $10,000 in property damage liability and $1 million in property protection insurance.

Remember: Credit history is crucial here.

Another key factor that will influence the rate that you pay for PLPD coverage is your credit score. In the state of Michigan, it is legal for the company to adjust the rates due to the credit of each potential customer.

An individual with a much lower credit score can expect to pay a greater amount for coverage in this US state. There is some debate out there regarding how much insurance companies profit and if they report it, honestly. This is something to keep in mind when you are in the market for insurance coverage.

Why PLPD may work for you?

Female and Young Lady Drivers Pay Less than Male Counterpart

Due to Michigan’s higher rates, a lot of people do purchase cheap PLPD coverage so that they don’t have to pay more than they need to in order to operate their vehicle(s) legally. Not only this, but the customer’s credit score playing such a huge role in the cost of insurance in this state can make it quite expensive if you fall into the category of those with higher rates.

PLPD is the perfect type of insurance for fully owned older vehicles. This means that there are no liens against the car or truck. When the value of the car drops considerably, this is the time to consider such coverage because of the cost-effectiveness of the policy.

PLPD vs Full Coverage: What’s the difference?

When comparing PLPD insurance vs full coverage, there is an important difference. Personal liability property damage insurance only covers medical bills, lost wages and liability (when someone sues you for causing a crash). Full coverage auto insurance also covers medical bills, wage loss and liability, but it also includes vehicle damage and pain and suffering compensation when a person is injured by an uninsured or under insured driver.

When comparing PLPD vs full coverage, is there a difference in cost?

There is a difference in cost when comparing PLPD insurance vs. full coverage. Simply put, personal liability and property damage insurance will be cheaper because it does not include collision and comprehensive coverage, both of which are optional coverage

These auto insurance coverage’s can add up to a larger portion of a driver‘s auto insurance bill. In general, buying collision coverage will always be more expensive because it is the largest expense for insurance companies.

The Bottom Line

We highly recommend keeping a close eye on all the variables that may affect your rates in the state of Michigan. This can include the age of the vehicle, as well as the make and model of it.

Keep in mind that some sports cars have a much higher rate than older vehicles. The age of the customer purchasing the insurance coverage is also a factor to keep in mind. It is so important to shop around and see which companies will offer you better rates depending on the different variables we mentioned in this article. If you really want to get affordable car insurance, the internet is a great place to get quick rates.

If your auto policy only carries basic PLPD coverage, then you may have an insurance policy that only meets the bare minimum requirement by state law.

In order to save on coverage, get multiple quotes here and compare.