DUI, DWI and Traffic Violations Cause FR-44 in Virginia

In the State of Virginia (VA), if you have certain violations, you may have to file an FR-44. FR-44 insurance Virginia can be filed fast and we can help you file it.

If you have any of the following citations on your Motor Vehicle Record, you will likely have to file an FR-44 in Virginia:

  1. Maiming while under the influence (or in other words, hurting or harming someone while driving and under the influence.)
  2. Driving while intoxicated (drugs or alcohol)
  3. Driving when your license is suspended (for any reason)
  4. Violations in any other states similar to the former violations or convictions when living in the state of Virginia.

If you have to file a FR-44 form, there are some things that you should know, and we can help you file this certificate quickly and get FR-44 insurance quotes for you.

You may have heard of an ‘SR-22.’ SR-22s are like the FR-44, (read here the differences) but the FR-44 is unique to Virginia. The FR-44 has strict guidelines when it comes to liability and property damage limits.

FR-44 liability insurance requires double the coverage that one would need to file an SR-22. The limits needed are as follows:

Bodily Injury/Liability (what you pay if YOU are at fault in an accident, and injure another person)- $50,000 per person, $100,000 per incident.

Property damage to another vehicle or property (what the insurance company pays if YOU hit a person’s car or property)- $40,000 per incident.

If you are trying to file FR44 from Florida, click here.

Note that: If you get one of the major four violations listed above while driving in the state of Virginia, but you live outside the state, you still must file an FR-44.

The Necessity of a Dec page…

Furthermore, you must submit a letter from your insurance company to the DMV showing that you have the proper coverage, and the letter must be on your current insurance company’s letterhead. It’s best to have them send a letter to the Department of Motor Vehicles for you. Simply tell your insurance agent what you need done, and he or she should be able to send what’s called a ‘Declaration Page‘ which is sometimes just called a ‘Dec Page.’

This will show the DMV that you have the proper coverage for the FR-44. If you do not comply with these rules, the DMV in Virginia will put what’s called a ‘Stop’ on your driver’s license. This will not make your driver’s license ineffective, and it will not keep a person from adding a vehicle on to a current policy. However, if a person who is required to file an SR-44 fails to do so, he or she will not be able to renew his/her license when the time comes.

The best thing to do when you are told you have to file an FR-44 is to do it electronically. It’s not in your best interest to ignore this.

Quotes for FR-44 Insurance Virginia

How does FR 44 affect your car insurance rate?

If you have an FR-44, don’t despair. While it’s not a great thing to have on your record, it will come off in time. Your insurance will go up because you are considered a ‘higher risk‘ driver, but we can give you a quote and try to find a reasonable Virginia FR-44 insurance premium to fit your needs.

We work with several insurance companies to try and get you the very best rate for all situations.

Once again, a person with an FR-44 filed will have more expensive insurance than a person who doesn’t have an FR-44. However, insurance is certainly not impossible to get. There are many companies that will work with you to get you a good rate. FR-44 insurance in Virginia doesn’t have to be the ‘worst thing in the world.’

How to reduce FR-44 insurance in Virginia?

Here are a couple of hints to keep your insurance minimal if you have to file an FR-44:

  • If at all possible, carry just liability on your car. Full coverage will increase the price tremendously. Of course, if you have a brand-new car, or a car with a lien, you must have full coverage. However, if you have an older, paid-off car, you can get ‘liability insurance only’ as it will be much less expensive.
  • Try to keep your coverage to just the required limits. Don’t add extras if at all possible.
  • If you do want full coverage insurance, and you have to file an FR-44, you might want to increase your deductibles so that the coverage is cheaper. If you get into an at-fault accident, you may have to pay a bit higher to get your car fixed. However, it’s always good to remember that a higher deductible will always equal a lower premium.

Who needs a FR-44 certificate in Virginia?

You may need an FR-44 form if you’ve committed a serious offense. You may need an FR44 for driving with a suspended license or reckless driving.   An uninsured driver found at fault for an accident meeting those circumstances will also need FR-44 insurance.

How are Virginia FR-44 insurance rates calculated?

If you require FR-44 insurance, your car insurance rates will likely increase significantly. When you’re required to have an FR44, you get placed into the category of a high-risk or non-standard driver . High-risk drivers tend to pay the highest car insurance rates, but the cost of car insurance can vary by company and by state. There are many other factors that go into the cost of FR-44 insurance, such as your age, gender, location, credit score, vehicle type, marital status and so on.

What happens if my FR-44 insurance policy lapse?

As with SR-22 coverage, be sure not to let your FR-44 insurance lapse by renewing your policy as early as possible if you want to maintain your driving privileges.  If you’re required to have FR-44 insurance in Virginia, you’re required to have double the liability coverage limits than you are with SR-22 insurance.

The Bottom Line

In Virginia, drivers who are required to file an FR-44 must purchase a policy with coverage that is double the minimum liability limits. Also, having a DUI is one of the most common reasons for needing FR44 insurance. On average, drivers with one DUI conviction in Virginia pay $1,473 per year for car insurance, which is 73% more than drivers with clean driving records. However, the cost you pay differs significantly based on the auto insurance company you buy car insurance from.

FR-44 requirements can be a blow to your wallet, because getting extra auto insurance coverage after a serious violation isn’t cheap, you will pay higher insurance premiums from the insurance provider.

Pursue find an insurance provider that will sell you coverage, so you can remain in compliance with the law.